Next 50 Lingerie

Automatic Cutter
Project Description

The Lingerie version of Next 50 has been expressly designed for Lingerie production as well as for any production where it is required top precision, along with high production volumes and very elastic, light and slippery materials.
With same functional specifications of the standard Next 50, the Lingerie version has a slimmer knife, expressly designed to allow maximum agility and precision even in the cutting of very small pieces and with extremely complicated shape, on high thickness lays (up to 5cm compressed). When cutting such difficult fabric, elastic and slippery, it is also crucial an optimal vacuum management, that allows the lay to remain perfectly firm and stable, while cutting, without any fabric stretch, especially on the lower plies, in order to get same precision and quality output on each piece, from top to bottom ply.
Also the Lingerie version is totally controlled by latest generation digital technology and this, together with an intuitive and user friendly software, allows the operator to easily change the machine set up and quickly switch from one working operation to another one, while keeping always top level of performances, thanks also to the editing of proper customized profiles.

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Project Details
Installed Power

27,5 kW

Power Consumption

< 15 kW

Cutting Width

180 / 220 cm