Project Description

The Morgan Cut Order Planning is the direct descendant of the first work order planning system for the cutting room in the world, invented more than 25 years ago, as a result of those experiences and skills, whose legacy has today fed into Morgan company.

After recent reorganization and translation in a more advanced and efficient IT language, the Morgan COP is today an essential working tool to organize and check the work-flow in the cutting room, but especially to optimize time and consumptions for each individual work order, in a fast and reliable way, by the automatic selection of markers to do, with relative size ratio. It can be integrated with existing ERP and Fabric Storage System, besides Morgan CAD, Spreaders and Cutters for the automatic machine programming by remote.

Furthermore, Morgan implemented the new MTM COP, a specific system to manage the MTM Orders. MTM COP allows to elaborate MTM Orders in a fully automatic way, even without an operator, starting from the order collection (by retail shop or web), going through the automatic calculation and application on the patterns of the required alterations on the reference size, also automatically detected, to end with the automatic launch of the markers list, with all relative fabric restrictions set, for the automatic Morgan nesting.

Project Details