Project Description
  • COMPATIBILITY: Import of native files from most popular cad systems
  • ADDED VALUE: Automatic nesting included
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE FORMULA: All most advanced features included

A modern, complete and easy to use, working system, that goes along with the company, from A to Z, that is from the pattern digitizing, by proper Visual package, with digital camera, or the pattern creation directly on screen, up to the marker launch for production, going through the pattern modification and adjusting, the size grading, measurements checks and technical sheet.

On the Pattern Design module, besides the most advanced tools for pattern creation and editing, and the import/export facility for files in standard format (DXF AAMA, HPGL and ISO), they are also  available, as standard, the “converters”, to import models from other systems, by reading directly the native files form the most popular cad programs.

The Best Nest package includes as standard the manual and automatic marker making, with a particularly efficient nesting algorithm and the nesting queue management. Morgan nesting system can also manage markers with repetitions (stripes and plaids), printed fabric, with the fabric image in the background, nesting with fabric flaws, nesting by shading longitudinal areas, markers for step lays and fusing blocks.

Visual : Automatic digitizing.
Pattern Design: Native files importation, pattern creation, modification and adjustment, size grading, and technical sheet.
Best Nest : Manual and Automatic nesting.
Best Nest Server: Queue management.
MTM: Made to Measure.

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Project Details
Compatible Operating Systems

From Windows Xp to Windows 10

File Type

.dxf, dxf AAMA, Iso, hpgl, jpeg, xls