Visual Nest

Project Description
  • TIME SAVING: It helps and speeds the manual operations.
  • IMPROVES QUALITY: Flaw detection and chcks or print matching.
  • COMPATIBILITY: It uses standard ISO files and it can be installed on any spreading line.

Visual Nest is the most practical and effective system for viewing and editing markers in real time, directly on the spreading table. It was originally designed to help the manual spreading of fabric with repetition (stripes and plaids) directly over the pinning table, by projecting the repetition (theoretical) grid right on top of the fabric, so that the operators can be guided while laying up and pinning the fabric, for proper alignment. Visual Nest also happened to be suitable for multiple other useful applications, both in the manual spreading of printed or checks fabrics as well as in the automatic spreading, by machine, for flaw detection, splice marks and overlapping management, to check the minimum width and length of each lay spread… In fact, Visual Nest can also project the entire marker with all patterns, highlighting the available matching points and allowing the operator to work with the mouse directly on the spreading area and to drag and rotate every piece in the marker as it is actually required by the fabric llaying on the table. The new marker is finally saved as a new cutting file.

Download the data sheet

Project Details
Projection area

3.5 x 2m for each projector

File Type

Standard ISO