Next 2 Pro

Automatic Cutter
Project Description

Next 2 Pro is Morgan’s newest high-ply cutting machine. Available in versions 5, 7 and 9 cm compressed. Next 2 Pro is the answer that meets all the cutting room production needs. From apparel to furnishing, from automotive to accessories manufacturers. Design and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) are the key words of a machine that was created to think in the future. Thanks to the abundant implementation of sensors and sophisticated algorithms, Morgan Next 2 Pro is the first machine with Artificial Intelligence that allows the best self-handling of processes such as sharpening cycles or real time speeds control.

This technology guarantees the highest quality combined with the maximum productivity and the lowest running costs. Next 2 Pro is also able to self detect (Auto-diagnosis system) all the operating anomalies by drastically reducing breaks and machine stops.

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Project Details
Power plants

10 kW + 37 kW

Average power consumption

< 22 kW

Max cutting thickness:

5 cm compressed (Next 2 PRO 50) 7 cm compressed (Next 2 PRO 70) 9 cm compressed (Next 2 PRO 90)