MorganTecnica Academy

Welcome to MorganTecnica Academy

We are proud to introduce a wide range of hands-on courses, interactive training sessions, and high-quality multimedia resources.
The Academy offers courses on the production process of the cutting room, developed by our senior technicians, who will help you acquire the specific skills needed for using our technologies.
Are you ready to explore the future of specialized technical training? You’re in the right place!

MorganTecnica Academy


MorganTecnica Academy was born as a Business Unit specialized in advanced training on our solutions and dedicated to customers.

The Academy is the key point for acquiring specialized technical skills and promoting a culture of innovation and high-level service.
Through a range of courses, training sessions, and multimedia resources, we aim to equip our clients with the in-depth knowledge necessary to leverage our solutions to their fullest potential and ensure optimal performance.

The Academy is a training hub where close collaboration between technical experts and industry professionals is developed, aiming to build effective relationships between manufacturer and consumer.

Our mission is to be recognized as the reference point for specialized technical training, where customers can gain advanced skills to excel in the industry, ensuring maximum value.

MorganTecnica Academy


The Academy is located at the heart of MorganTecnica’s HQ: the perfect meeting point between theory and practice.
Training takes place within our showroom, which is not just an exhibition space, but a dynamic environment composed of operational machinery, where you can experience hands-on learning directly in the field.
We invite you to discover the endless possibilities that the Academy has to offer!

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