Cruise 100

Spreading Machines
Project Description

The Cruise 100 is the top of the range. In fact, it is the most innovative and top performing spreading machine available in the market, at this time.
A totally revolutionary fabric feeding system, which is an international patent of Morgan, allows to choose among different mechanical set up of the machine, according to the fabric type and weight, and get the fabric fed accordingly, from perfectly vertical over the table (ideal for electro-static and elastic fabrics) to various inclination slopes (recommended for heavier and harder fabrics). It is also possible to create and manage also several different fabric profiles from the on board PC, and get different accelerations, speeds, levels of tension etc… The use of brushless motors and the electronic control of every micro-function allow incredibly fast accelerations, but always very smooth, so that the fabric is always laid down in a delicate way, without any jerks, even at the top spreading speed, and it is possible to do even irregular step lays.
The on board interactive PC Touch with Windows OS has the most advanced software, developed ad hoc to further improve the spreading set up and control by the operator and it is also prepared for direct interface with MD COP and MD Analytics, to get automatic programming by remote and to feed-back final data of consumption and times. The structure is solid and robust and the cradle is made with double solid PVC belt (not parallel stripes), which guarantees perfect and even grip throughout the fabric width. In order to further improve the spreading quality (wrinkle and tension free) and the precision on end alignment, there are two dancer bars, instead of one, located under the knife box, with special angular cut and both are electronically controlled for positive and negative fabric feeding in real time.

The Cruise 100 is equipped with encoder and spreads without end-catchers in the classic modes: Face Up /One Way, Zig Zag (2 Ways Folded), and Zig Zag with ends cut. The Cruise 100 is extremely reliable and the maintenance is made easier also by the auto-diagnosis system on the on board PC, with WiFi connection for remote support, directly on board.

Max speed: 100 m/min – Max roll capacity: 100 Kg – Max roll diam: 600 mm – Lay thickness: up to 200 mm
Installed power: 3,5 kW – Fabric width: 180/230 cm

Project Details
Max Speed

100 m/min

Max roll capacity

100 Kg

MAX roll diam

600 mm