Vision Scan Sigma

The Solution for a Perfect Cut
Project Description

The system “Vision Scan Sigma” is a fully automated solution that allows one to recognize fabrics and their characteristics such as prints and repetitive motifs. The system is equipped with 4 cameras that generate an image of 80Mp. The structure is positioned above the cutting area to ensure maximum detection accuracy. Vision Scan Sigma manages different methods:
– Repetitive Motifs
– Contours Extraction
– Printed marks


The Vision System for “Repetitive Motifs”, manages fabrics typical of Apparel, Upholstery, and Automotive sector, characterized by patterns such as stripes, plaids, rhombus, panel prints… Vision Scan Sigma manages the repetition of patterns by creating a “virtual grid” to position and adapt the contour of the pieces to the fabric structure.
The Vision System is positioned above the cutting area to ensure maximum precision between pattern detection and cutting.


“Contour extraction” is one of the operating methods of Vision Scan Sigma, by which contours of shapes are identified.
The System analyzes the fabric, identifies the contrast between the background and the piece, and extracts the contours. This operating method requires no files to work.


Working with printed fabric, Vision Scan Sigma also manages “printed marks” that are reference points for the recognition of the positions and deviations of the fabric, which naturally is very elastic.
Based on a DXF file, the system gives feedback on all dimensional deviations compared to the theoretical requirement. With this system, you can also manage all the pieces’ information such as order number, size, name, etc.

Project Details

Waste reduction Performance optimization Detection accuracy