Automation has revolutionized the industry in numerous ways, and leather cutting is no exception. The use of automated cutting machines has transformed the way leather is cut. Automation is no longer optional but a requirement for companies.

One of the most significant advantages of automation in leather cutting is the increased efficiency and speed of the process.
The complexity of the process is induced by the characteristic of the raw materiai processed. Each hide is unique as shape and distribution of quality areas both from aesthetic and physical point of view.
A performant solution needs to bring together advanced algorithms for hides digitization and nesting, production performant optimization software and high productivity equipment.

The MorganTecnica an Taghora solution meets the great challenges of global leather upholstery industry.

Together, we offer an integrated software and hardware solution to streamline production processes for furniture manufacturers to deliver high-quality products to their customers in less time and more efficient, which ultimately leads to increased profits and productivity.