Covid 19 update

Dear Morgan friends, 

we have been quiet for some time, but never inactive! Actually, we’ve been very busy, although under special and unusual conditions. In fact, our Production and R&D departments have worked nonstop at the headquarters in Adro and at Area51 in Palazzolo, respectively. Meanwhile, the rest of our staff was teleworking and collaborating to bring you some exciting news which we will announce shortly! We are particularly pleased to inform you that, as of last Monday May 11th, we are back in our offices and adapting to a “new” normal standard of working. 

Unfortunately, this pandemic is not over yet, but with everyone’s help and collaboration in following the rules, we can keep it under control and learn how to live with it. 

A very special thanks to all Morgan employees who demonstrated incredible professionalism and a great sense of flexibility in this extra-ordinary situation. 

It was very tough period for us, living in one of the most highly hit areas in the world, and we would like to offer our deepest condolences to those who lost someone in this pandemic. But we never gave up and we are now ready to pick up where we left off and continue providing you with the best technology for your designing and cutting room. 

Thank you for continuing to support us!