Next 2 Δ 50 LINGERIE

Project Description

Next2 ∆ 50 Lingerie is MorganTecnica’s newest high-ply cutting machine specially designed to ensure maximum reliability for lingerie production.
This model has a reduced blade thickness (2 X 7mm) that increases cutting precision.
Thanks to the implementation of mulitple sensors and sophisticated algorithms, the Artificial Intelligence allows the best self-handling of processes such as sharpening cycles or real time speed control.
This automatic cutter is also able to self-detect any operating anomaly through its auto-diagnosis system and drastically reduce machine breaks and stops.
The Next2 ∆ 50 Lingerie technology guarantees the highest cutting quality combined with maximum productivity, low running costs and fast ROI.


  • Max. cutting thickness: 5 cm compressed
  • Max. cutting speed: 65 m/min
  • Max. cutting acceleration: 8 m/s2
  • Max. positioning speed: 120 m/min
  • Max. positioning acceleration: 10 m/s2
  • Effective cutting window length: 170 cm
  • Effective cutting window width: 180 – 220 cm
Project Details
Average power consumption

< 14KW

Installed electrical power

10kW + 37kW

Voltage / Frequency

400 V 3Ph 50/60 Hz

Max. blade vibration frequency

6.000 rpm