Project Description

Next 70/90 Advance, is a cutting machine designed to ensure productivity and versatility with the possibility to cut non-stop lays of any materials. The control of all functions by digital technology allows speed, precision and reliability, together with low power consumption. The digitally control system of the knife bending in real time, guarantees the maximum cutting precision. Although, possibility to set different cut-ting profiles by keeping same level of performances.

The model HM 6000 rpm is equipped with powerful motors, with some specific mechanical solutions to reinforce the head and with a bigger anodized bowl for a faster knife vibration speed and a better weight distribution, which helps a smoother sliding over the lay.

  • Max. cutting thickness: NEXT 70 ADVANCE: 7 cm compressed / NEXT 90 ADVANCE: 9 cm compressed
  • Max. cutting speed: 45 m/min
  • Max. cutting acceleration: 4 m/s2
  • Effective cutting window width: 180 – 220 cm
  • Effective cutting window lenght: 170 cm
Project Details
Average power consumption:

<14 kW

Installed electrical power:

9 kW + 18 kW (+18 kW option)

Voltage / Frequency:

400 V 3Ph 50/60 Hz

Max. blade vibration frequency:

4500 rpm / HM 6000 rpm