Labeller Joker 386
Project Description

Automatic, fast, economic and ecologic, the Morgan labellers are integrated, with maximum compatibility, in any spreading lines, to guarantee the fast identification of cut pieces and to avoid time and paper wastage.

The labeling is done fully automatically and independently from the spreading and cutting, optimizing the dead times between these 2 working operations, and this obviously offers relevant time savings and improvement of general efficiency improvement. The machine can interfaced with existing Cad system, by wireless technology and using standard file formats HPGL, HPGL” and ISO.
Label stickers, of customizable dimensions are printed by thermal printer and placed at the center of each piece, in order to help with the easy and fast piece identification. Possibility to print on multiple rows, with different fonts, including bar code. High Ecologic Profile system, because it minimizes the paper usage and it does not require ink cartridges, which would require special procedure for the disposal.

Project Details
Lay Thickness

10-20 mm

Max Speed

15 m/min

Usable fabric width

180/230 cm

Installed Power

1 kW