Leather cutting solution

Single ply cutting machine
Project Description
Morgantecnica & Thagora. The advanced cutting room

The leather upholstery industry is facing major challenges worldwide. The continuous sophistication of end customers’ tastes leads to a higher degree of products customization. At the same time, the price of materials on a global scale and the cast of the highly qualified workforce are very important aspects. They add the pressure of increasing production to cover new opportunities in emerging markets. With an understanding to of these needs. MorganTecnica & Thagora offer the best-performing technical solutions for the core of this business: the leather cutting room.


The combined Thagora software and hardware solution together and MorganTecnica cutting machine constitute
a modular and scalable package designed to be configured for any volume of production. From small workshops,
where there are a few hides to be cut every day up to large factories, with thousands of hides to be cut daily. lt is
also suitable tor any type of production being adaptable to manufacturing of highly customized or series products.

In Line Solution
Hybrid Solution
Off Line Solution
Off Line Solution
In Line Solution
Project Details

Cutting area dimensions: 180x250 cm Cutting area dimensions: 220x250 cm Cutting area dimensions: 280x320 cm Power plants: 4,5+9/15 kW

Average power consumption: 3,5 kW Acceleration up to 3G / Speed up to 180 m/min

Voltage: 400 V 3 Ph 50/60 Hz

Humidity from 30% to 80% without condense