Leather cutting solution

Single ply cutting machine
Project Description

The Thagora and MorganTecnica solution meets the great challenges of global leather upholstery industry. Together, we offer an integrated software and hardware solution to streamline production processes for furniture manufacturers to deliver high-quality products to their customers in less time and more efficient, which ultimately leads to increased profits and productivity.

The combined Thagora software and hardware solution together and MorganTecnica cutting machines constitute a modular and scalable package designed to be configured tor any volume of production. From very small workshops. where there are just a few hides to be cut every day. up to large factories. with thousands of hides to be cut daily. lt is also suitable tor any type of production. being adaptable to manufacturing of highly customized or series products.


AII steps of the leather cutting workflow – digitizing, nesting, cutting and collecting – are performed at once, on the cutter. The Morgan Ply1 architecture with 3 zones and single conveyor is an optimal for increased throughput.


The scanning, nesting and cutting are performed separately on different workstations. The hides required for one cutting job are selected and scanned. After the last hide is scanned, the Nesting Server starts the automatic multi-hide nesting. When the nesting job is approved, the hides are processed on the cutting machine.

Project Details
Max. cutting speed

180 m/min

Max. acceleration

27 m/s2 (with only one tool insyaled)

Max cutting thickness (single layer)


Cutting area dimensions

280 x 320 cm