Loaders and Roll Handling Systems
Project Description

10 roll automatic carousel for the roll storage and handling. The storage area is made of 2 overlaped conveyorized platforms. The lower platform is for the roll pre-loading, randomly placed, as the proper spreading sequence is set by the control panel, equipped with interactive PC Touch with a dedicated advanced software, intuitive and user friendly.
the upper one is to collect the used rolls, automatically off-loaded after the spreading. The roll loading/off-loading system, on a specific cradle support, is managed by the carousel in a fully automatic mode, in order to minimize the idle time of the spreader and improve its productivity.

MAX roll weight: 60 Kg – MAX roll diam: 300 mm – Fabric width: 180/230 cm
Installed power: 3 kW

Project Details
MAX roll weight

60 Kg

MAX roll diam

300 mm

Fabric Width

180 / 230 cm