Plotter Leonardo 100/200
Project Description

Ultra-wide ink jet plotters, able to satisfy any printing requirement. An ergonomic and innovative design and the most recent printing technology make Morgan plotters more productive, noiseless, and highly compatible.

Leonardo 100/200
The specifications of an office desk printers, applied to an industrial ultra-wide plotter. Morgan Leonardo, with pure Made in Italy design, is the result of revolutionary technology, incredibly fast and noiseless. A new concept inkjet plotter, able to satisfy any printing requirement, with maximum stability and reliability. The modern inkjet technology, available in the version for 2 or 4 heads, allows to print with standard HP cartridges. A particular attention was put in the ergonomy, designing the paper collection in the upper part of the machine, easily accessible by the operator, and using a light aluminum bar for the paper collection, considering always the standard option for free paper printing. The printing area is protected by aluminum cover, which isolates the working environment of the printing heads from any interferences by other machinery around. The use of linear encoder guarantees maximum precision even on bigger print outs. Available with and without automatic cleaning stations.

Project Details
Printing Width

180 / 230 cm

Power Consumption

70 W

Paper type

Starting from 20 g/m2

N° of printing heads

2 - 4