Project Description

The virtual designing and virtual fitting software that makes garment designing extraordinarily advanced and creative.
The avatars, customizable on the measurements as well as on the morphology, are so realistic and natural in the movements and in the fitting that really it is possible to manufacture less prototypes and test garments and invest more time in improving the designing proposals.

The realism is essential for an effective virtual fitting and it is obtained by taking special care of many details, in the accessories, in the background environments, but above all the in the movements, the facial expressions and the gestures of the avatar, while wearing the garments.
In terms of virtual designing, the changes on the patterns are applied almost in real time to the 3D fitted garment.

Fit Stop
It is an exclusive feature of Morgan 3Dress. In fact, the other virtual fitting software are normally stitching the patterns around the avatar body, like a second skin, while in 3Dress we simulate the actual wearing process. Besides an obvious virtual-esthetic advantage, the Fit Stop effect allows the designer to check for eventual wearing-on and structural issues, like neck or ankle small holes and similar.

Soft Body
In the classic view of standard 3D programs, the avatars have a solid and stiff body, wrapped by the patterns, which will keep the avatar body shape.
The advanced 3Dress avatar are instead soft and deformable, according to the garment structure. The body, especially in some specific areas, can actually be adapted and shaped by the garment, like when wearing a push up bra or a bottom up legging, or whenever the garment causes a higher pression.

Fabric Gravity
While calculating the avatar movements, 3Dress considers also the fabric performances, according to its specific technical specifications, like the weight, elasticity, stiffness etc…
According to the type of fabric fitted, its specific weight, its specific properties and its texture, it will change the looking, the fitting and the fluidity of the garment in the movements, always in a very realistic way.

Complex Movements
The movements are smooth, natural and complex: the avatar walks, dances, it is happy, concerned, it shakes its hairs, it turns around. The operator can check the garment in any angle and condition.

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