Project Description

The Cut Order Planning is the direct descendant of the first work order planning system for the cutting room in the world, invented more than 25 years ago, as a result of those experiences and skills, whose legacy has today fed into MorganTecnica company.

MD COP is a unique, precious and essential tool to organize the cutting room and improve its efficiency, by optimizing the production resources (labour and fabric) of the department:

– Work order analysis.
– Optimal cut planning creation and production increase.
– Time and fabric consumption optimization.
– Marker and relative size ratio selection.
– Optimization of nesting, spreading and cutting.
– Machine remote programming.
– Interfaceable with ERP systems/ Fabric Ware House / CAD.
– Detailed reports.

MorganTecnica also implemented MTM COP, the system specific to manage the orders for “Made to Measure” production.
MTM COP allows to elaborate MTM orders in a fully automatic process, even without any operator, starting from the order collection from retail shops or from web.

Project Details