The added value of software Made in Morgan

Federica Giachetti, President of MorganTecnica, spoke to us about the centrality of software: the brain of an efficient and organized cutting room and high-performing machines.

Federica Giachetti firmly believes that there can be no efficiency without good organization. «That’s why back in April 2008 – just two months after the founding of Morgan Tecnica Spa – we established a software house, Morgan Dynamics Srl, located in the same headquarters in Adro (BS), which develops all our software. Recently, we have also invested in enhancing the internal development team to strengthen the proposal of Made in Morgan software products, which make our complete solutions for the cutting room more competitive, integrated, and modular, from design to cutting» she explained.
«Our vision is centered on the efficiency of the entire process, from Design to Cutting, the result of deep and specific know-how fueled by tireless R&D activity. My brother and I inherited this experience from our father, Franco Giachetti, who was one of the leading experts in cutting room organization and technology. We have never just been manufacturers of products, machines, or software: we design and implement solutions for the entire process, aiming to improve control even through effective data exchange among various actors. We aim to increase production efficiency while minimizing raw material and resource consumption».

The old Cut Plan or Cut Order Planning, now renamed Morgan Mastermind, goes far beyond cutting order planning: it is an organizational and control tool for the entire process, a “gray eminence” serving the cutting room, overseeing and coordinating all activities involved to save fabric and achieve maximum production efficiency. «This software, in which we are absolute leaders, gathers the technological legacy of our father, who had developed a first idea back in the 1980s with the technology of that t_i_m_e_».
It is a complex but user-friendly software. Modular and versatile, it adapts to different production realities and ensures tangible and concrete results. «Textile companies know how important fabric saving is, which is their highest expenditure item. With Mastermind, actual fabric savings can be demonstrated, often exceeding 10%: we offer individual simulation tests rather than generic demos so that everyone can measure the system’s results on their own orders and specific data».
Mastermind analyzes and processes each work order, calculating various processing options and quantifying fabric consumption and laying and cutting times in advance. Additionally, it manages the distribution of instructions for CAD, with size assortments for placements; fabric warehouse, with an optimized roll picking list; spreaders and automatic cutters, with spreads to be laid out and placements to be cut.

2Design, the new 2D CAD, is the result of decades of experience and know-how in model creation and pattern making, but also of the vision of an integrated process from Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to Cutting.
«Almost all CAD systems currently in use were conceived over 20 years ago, which is like a geological era in terms of computer technology» explained Federica Giachetti. «Furthermore, most CAD workstations in use today have not been updated for many years, mainly due to the excessive costs involved. This exposes users not only to inconvenience, inefficiencies, and communication difficulties with external parties but also to the risk of incompatibility with new hardware and operating systems, sometimes leading to system failures. Additionally, recent mergers and acquisitions among CAD providers have reduced market offerings, leading to new rules and increased service costs for existing users. Therefore, we believe the market is ready to embrace an alternative that, often at a lower cost than updating an old workstation, offers a new, modern, more efficient software solution, open to dialogue with other systems, and with an economical and transparent after-sales service policy».
2Design is designed to facilitate the entry of new users, many of whom come from other CAD systems, significantly shortening their learning curve, and enabling them to benefit from all the advantages of a more modern and innovative work tool.

How does the use of AI fit into this project?

«It is essential to make the new user feel effectively and consistently supported, both during the learning phase and afterward, while also reassuring them about the costs of these services. In addition to traditional on-site training courses, we offer more affordable online courses, free video tutorials integrated into the software, and the virtual assistant Morgana, a product of the latest Artificial Intelligence technology. Free and integrated into the program, it is available 24/7 and answers any questions regarding the software’s use, in all languages in which the software is published».

How else does 2Design facilitate new users?

«2Design offers a large database of patterns, called Sample Bases, of tried and tested bases, subdivided by type and with 3D preview, which the new user can draw on freely. My Bases, on the other hand, is for more experienced users who have – or want to create for themselves – their own archive of bases to use as a reference for future collections, choosing whether or not to keep the direct link to the base of origin, to manage even massive changes».

Is 2Design compatible with other systems?

«Unfortunately, some CAD manufacturers have chosen not to use, or use imperfectly and incompletely, the available standard formats for sharing models and patterns, favoring the use of proprietary native files. This forces the market to make often mandatory purchasing choices in order to communicate with their clients or partners. In contrast, 2Design uses standard formats even for internal data transmission: for example, between our CAD and our cutting system, we use the ISO standard format, without favoring files from our software over those from other sources. The hope is that all CAD manufacturers embrace the same policy of openness, allowing the market to choose freely».

How is Morgan’s 2D CAD package composed?
«In addition to 2Design for pattern making, there are: 2Capture, which, from the click of a smartphone, automatically digitises patterns economically, quickly and accurately and makes them available to any CAD in a standard format; 2Tetrix, which, also working together with MasterMind and with a powerful automatic nesting algorithm, creates more efficient markers to be sent to cutting machines».

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